Steelers N Stuff’s Picks of the Week: Super Bowl Edition

SNSpicsSteeler Nation, its Super Bowl XLVIII weekend and we are now down to the last two teams standing. Who will be Super Bowl Champions and raise the Lombardi Trophy? We shall find out Sunday night Each week the writers of Steelers N Stuff will give you their picks of the week against the spread. Now remember these picks are for amusement purposes ONLY. Do not try these picks at home they are made by trained professionals. Continue reading Steelers N Stuff’s Picks of the Week: Super Bowl Edition

Joe Greene Throws In The Towel

It’s always sad to see a legend retire. In this case, the Pittsburgh Steelers have seen “Mean” Joe Greene walk away for the third time now. Once as a player who was the cornerstone of the dynasty they built in the 1970’s, when the franchise won four Super Bowls with the “Steel Curtain.” Once as a coach when Greene was the defensive line coach for the Steelers from 1987-1992. Lastly, as a scout for the the personnel department.

Mean Joe became a part of the personnel department in 2004 and scouted both college and pro players for the Director of Football Operations, Kevin Colbert. Greene was Chuck Noll‘s first draft pick as a head coach. In fact, when he was hired as head coach of the Steelers from being the Baltimore Colts’ defensive coordinator, he was told about how all Pittsburgh sports teams had terrible records. They were even called “The City of Losers” Noll said: We’ll change history.” Continue reading Joe Greene Throws In The Towel