Steelers WR Martavis Bryant Facing Possible 1 Year Suspension 

mb susSteelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant served a 4 game suspension in 2015  for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

After he returned , Bryant talked as if he had learned his lesson and that he would now put football first and his substance abuse was a thing of the past.

However, it now looks as though Martavis Bryant may have some more explaining to do,as it was recently reported that he may be facing a year-long suspension for another violation.

Bryant’s agent  Brian Fettner,  told USA today …”We’re all stunned, me included,his isn’t a party issue. It’s a coping issue and a depression issue, and he’s got to take care of it.”

His agent also said the plan is for Bryant to enter rehab and get evaluated for depression.

Many reports state that Bryant has missed one or more drug test which would count as a failed test by NFL policy .

Steelers public relations spokesman Burt Lauten issued this statement…

Lauren:“Until there is something official from the NFL, we won’t be commenting,”

Bryant and his agents have already started the appeal process, but it will be an up hill battle to win an appeal.

Martavis Bryant must take care of what ever the problem is or become just another player that squandered his football talents .

Unfortunately for him and the Steelers ,by the looks of things he may have a whole year to figure things out.

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