Steelers Make the Playoffs !

images (1)The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a win vs. the Cleveland Browns and some help from the Buffalo Bills to make the NFL Playoffs.

They got the victory  28-12 over the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills came through with the help beating the Jets 22-17.

The Steelers now have made the NFL playoffs as a wild card team snatching  the 6th seed from the New York Jets. They will play the No. 3 seed next week.

The No. 3 seed will not be determined until the Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers . A Denver win will send the Steelers to Cincinnati to face the division rival Bengals!

The Steelers may not have taken easiest route  but the most important thing is they have made it and a new season starts next week with the playoffs!

We shall soon find out who the Steelers playoff opponent will be!

Stay tuned!


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