Bills Quest to be Jet Spoilers Could be Steelers Playoff Ticket

Mike+Tomlin+Rex+Ryan+Pittsburgh+Steelers+v+hd1JZs7LTdQlThe Pittsburgh Steelers have painted themselves into a bit of a corner. They need a victory over the Cleveland Browns and some help from the Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs.

The 7-8 Bills must defeat the 10-5 Jets. It’s never an ideal situation having to rely on another team to decide your fate. However,as bleak as that may sound, there is still hope.

Although, the Bills are out of the playoff picture ,they would love to end the Jets season and send them packing for home instead of the playoffs.

Bills head coach Rex Ryan was fired by the Jets last season and you can bet he would love to ruin the Jets playoff plans and shove it in the face of his former employer.

The Jets have won 5 straight games but the Bills have had success against the Jets winning their last 4 straight head to head match ups.

The Bills defeated their hated division rivals earlier this season 22-17  on the Jets home turf.

Rex Ryan is not the only one that would like to ruin the Jets playoff plans . A few Buffalo players have already chimed in on the subject.

Bills Running back Boobie Dixon spoke earlier this week and made it clear that this is not just a meaningless game for the Bills…

Running back Boobie Dixon: “We got something to play for now, “We been having something to play for …that’s our respect and our pride. We always want that. But to send them home packing …that would be great.

“We’re not going to the playoffs, so the Super Bowl is next week for us. I know we’re gonna have a lot of guys jacked. We already know what’s on the line.”

The fact that the game is being played in Buffalo is another factor that may bode well for the Steelers .

As it stands today, the Jets are a 3 point favorite to beat the Bills but as the Steelers can well attest ,you never know how these heated division rivalries may pan out.

So although the Steelers playoff hopes may seem dim, remember it’s not over till it’s over!

Will the Steelers make the playoffs?

We shall soon find out!

Things are about to get real interesting come Sunday at 1 p.m.!

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