The Good, The Bad & The Ugly : Ravens 20 Steelers 17

SNSGBUThe Pittsburgh Steelers are now 9-6 as they lost 20-17 to the Baltimore Ravens  and may have lost their playoff spot in the process.

The Steelers needed a win to control their playoff fate but came out flat and played uninspired football for the most part. They now must rely on others to get in.

Let’s now take a look at the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the game…

The Good:

The Steelers lost a game they needed to win, to a hated division rival, whom they were favored to beat by double digits. When you lose a game of this magnitude not much good can be found. The Steelers were able to run the football. DeAngelo Williams had 17 carries for 100 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Williams ran for 5.9 yards a carry. On defense the only real standout was Ryan Shazier who had 13 tackles. However the defense failed to make many big plays and gave up many.

The Bottom line is the Steelers were out played at virtually every phase of the game and lost to a team they should of easily beat.

The Bad:

The Steelers unstoppable offense looked very stoppable and the Steelers young defense seemed to take a step backward.

The Steelers lost this game and came up short in almost every phase of the game. The Ravens won the turn over battle 2-0. They also won the time of possession battle owning the ball 34:20 to 25:40. The Ravens had 73 offensive plays to the Steelers 57. They out rushed the Steelers 120 yards to 110. They out passed the Steelers 265 yards to 193.

This coming from a beat up Ravens team that was 4-10 coming into the game,led by a quarterback that the Ravens picked up off the waiver wire for emergency purposes just 12 days before the game. A few  of the Raven starters had been practice squad players for much of the season.

The Steelers once again had communication problems and burned through two time outs early in the second half. Two time outs that probably cost them the game as they desperately needed them with the game winding down in the 4th quarter.

The bottom line is the Steelers played what might of been their worst game of the season as a unit and it couldn’t of came at worse time.

The Ugly:

The Steelers continued an all too familiar trend of playing down to their competition. Over the past few seasons the Steelers have lost to some very bad teams and this time it may have cost them a playoff spot.

This team has been its own worst enemy during its losses this season and this has got to be corrected.

There has been too many communication breakdowns, too many missed tackles and too many mental errors and both players and coaches need to take responsibility for this mess.

Good teams beat the teams they are supposed to beat. The ugly truth is the Steelers didn’t look like a good team Sunday.

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