The Good, The Bad & The Ugly : Seahawks 39 Steelers 30

SNSGBUThe Pittsburgh Steelers drop to 6-5 after losing to the Seattle Seahawks 39-30 on the road. The Steelers had plenty of opportunity to win but in the end could not muster up enough  offense or defense to get the job done. . Let’s now take a look at the Good, The Bad & the Ugly of the game…

The Good: 

The Steelers offense once again had over 500 total yards, finishing the game with 538 yards of offense and scored 30 points . Wide receiver Markus Wheaton had an outstanding game  with 9 catches for 201 yards including a 69 yard touchdown.It was good to see Wheaton finally have a break out game as he often gets lost in the mix with Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant leading the receiving core. The Bottom line here is for all the good the Steelers did , they found a way to undermine themselves with bad play at crucial times.

The Bad:

The Steelers defense missed many tackles, was unable to consistently pressure Seahawks quarterback Russell Willson and could not force a turnover. They gave up 436 passing yards and 5 passing touchdowns to a Seahawk offense that ranks in the bottom half of the league in passing the football.

They also continued to fail to get off the field on 3rd down allowing Seattle to convert 7 of 13 3rd down plays.

The Steelers defense played below the line and must find solutions to their woes soon or their playoff hopes will soon disappear.

The Steelers offense may have generated a lot of yards but settled for field goals way too often in the red zone. The offense also had 4 interceptions and you’re not going to win , especially on the road when you lose the turnover battle 4-0.

The many dropped footballs in crucial situations did not help matters.

The bottom line is the Steelers played below the line on both offense and defense in key situations of the game and lost another game they could have and probably should have won.

The Ugly :

The Steelers secondary needs some changes and fast. This unit has given up too many plays and has cost the Steelers too many games .

The coaching staff better find solutions quick because time is beginning to run out on the Steelers playoff hopes and that’s the ugly truth.

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