The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Steelers 25 Cardinals 13

SNSGBUThe Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-2 and on a roll as they collected their second straight win , beating the Arizona Cardinals 25-13. The Steelers began the game a little slow but were able to make some big plays in the second half after a change at quarterback.

Let’s now take a look at the Good ,the Bad and the Ugly of the Steelers 25-13 victory…

The Good:

The Steelers may of had a bad start but the ending was very good and that’s all that really counts.

One player that was responsible for that good ending in a big way was quarterback Landry Jones.

Jones entered the game in relief of an injured and ineffective Mike Vick. From the very start it became obvious that Jones has a better grasp of the playbook and the players around him.

The Steelers offense came to life with Jones under center. He completed 8 of 12 passes for 168 and 2 touchdowns and a 149.3 passing rating.

Jones completed many key passes in clutch situations.This is a critical element  that the Steeler’s offense has lacked during Ben Roethlisberger’s absence .

Landry Jones stepped up and proved he is capable of playing winning football, in what was his first real NFL action.

Jones didn’t do it alone. He had a partner in crime. Wide receiver Martavis Bryant caught 6 passes for 137 yards and two touchdowns.Bryant continues to prove he is a big play wide receiver who can make game changing plays.

Bryant is a special player and the Steelers offense is a threat with him on the field.

Martavis Bryant made a triumphant return to the line up . Let’s hope that he now has learned his lesson and is ready to have a long successful Steeler career.

The Steelers defense may have given up a lot of yards but did not give up many points on the scoreboard. They held a Cardinal’s offense that had averaged 38 points a game to just 13 total points.

The Steelers defense is really coming along well. They forced 3 turnovers . Linebacker  James Harrison had a sack and forced a fumble. Linebacker Lawrence Timmons and Safety Mike Mitchell both had interceptions. Mitchell also recovered a fumble.

This young Steelers defense is beginning to come up with big plays and at the right times. They may bend, but they don’t break and holding a high-powered offense like the Cardinals to just 13 points is no small feat.

The Steelers also look like they might have finally found a kicker. Kicker Chris Boswell hit all four of his field goal attempts of 51,48,47 and 28 yards. It was a great start for Boswell who kicked well in his first showing at Heinz Field ,even though the weather conditions were not ideal. Boswell also did well on kick-offs with 6 of 7 reaching the end zone and one touch back.

The bottom line is the Steelers are finding ways to win no matter the circumstances. That is the sign of a good team and a sign of good things to come.

The Bad:

The Steelers have begun too many games badly. For whatever reason they have played poorly in the first halves of the past couple game.

They have to correct this and play a more consistently good game from start to finish.

The Steelers also need more consistency from their punter. Punter Jordan Berry has been too inconsistent, hitting a good punt than a bad one too often.

The defense needs to  cut down on giving up big pass plays. So far it has not hurt them as much as you may think but it needs corrected none the less.

The Ugly:

The fact that the Steelers coaching staff was willing to stick with an ineffective Mike Vick as long as they did is a bit troublesome.

It was very clear that Vick just does not know enough of the Steelers system or playbook to be effective, not to mention he lacks chemistry with key players.

If Vick does not leave the game because of injury the outcome may have been a lot uglier for the Steelers.

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