Martavis Bryant Suspension Becomes Reality

MBFor the past few days, we had heard it was coming and now it’s become reality .

Wide receiver Martavis Bryant has been suspended by the NFL for the first four games of the 2015 season.

Bryant a 4th round draft choice in the 2014 NFL draft, had 26 catches for 549 yards and 8 touchdowns in just 3 starts during his rookie season. He has had a great 2015 preseason and looks like a player that could be even better this season.

However, the fact that Bryant has failed at least 3 drug test since entering the league last year is more than just a little disturbing.

The NFL has a very relaxed drug testing policy when it comes to marijuana.

Players are only tested for the drug from April through  July.

One test a season. Once the player is tested, he has no worries of being tested again that year.

So you can see, if a player stays clean for that 4 month period he should pass his yearly test.

One failed test could be considered just a dumb mistake but three times in a little over a year seems more like a problem .

With so much at stake, his job, his money and credibility with his coaches and teammates. Bryant was unable to stay clean ,fully knowing  if caught there would be consequences .

Will Bryant become the next Josh Gordon? The Browns wide receiver was at the top of his game but failed multiple drug test and is now suspended for a year and must get reinstated by the NFL. His NFL career now in shambles.
Now that we know of Martavis Bryant  failed test , that may explain why he lasted to the fourth round of the 2014 draft. Big receivers with Bryant’s elite speed just don’t normally last till the 4th round.

Martavis Bryant is a young,super talented player but he must make smarter decisions .
He still has a chance to turn things around as he is just 23 years old

The bottom line is Bryant better wise up, not just from a football standpoint but more importantly from a life standpoint. It would be a shame for a player of his talents and abilities to waste it . Let’s hope he gets the help he needs.

The Steelers GM Kevin Colbert  released a statement on the Martavis Bryant situation…

Kevin Colbert: “We are disappointed in Martavis’ actions that has led to his four-game suspension. It is a disappointment to our entire organization as well as our fans, but we will continue to support Martavis during his suspension. It is very unfortunate his actions have put our team in this situation to begin the year, but we are confident he will learn from his mistake and return in excellent shape in Week 5.”



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