Vick Speaks For First Time As A Steeler

MV PRESSThe last few days have been a whirl wind of ups and downs,as some Steelers fans have hit the panic button. The Steeler’s  preseason injuries keep piling up and now with the controversial arrival of quarterback Michael Vick many Steelers fans don’t know how to feel.

Well , today Vick spoke to the press for the first time since becoming a Steeler and here is some of what he had to say…

Michael Vick: “I couldn’t have landed in a better place. I am so glad I am here now. I am so glad I have the opportunity to be a Pittsburgh Steeler and play for a great organization. I am going to do everything in my power to make sure I make Mr. (Art) Rooney, coach Tomlin and my teammates proud.”

“The franchise is a flagship organization, couldn’t have landed in a better place. The organization is all about pleasing the fans. And the thing is in this locker room, what I’ve heard from everybody, there’s only one goal and that’s to get a ring.

Vick also spoke on accepting his role as a back up to Ben Roethlisberger

Michael Vick:  “I played the role last year. I felt like last year really kind of put me in the mindset of getting ready to play a backup role. It’s hard because I’ve been a starter for so long. Last year took a lot of adjusting and I admit I didn’t do it as well as I wanted to.

“I think you have to accept it first and I’ve been able to do that, come to grips with it. I understand why I’m here, my role is clear and I can just focus on that.”


“He’s (Roethlisberger) a great player, a great study, a great competitor and very accurate throwing the football. It’s just an honor to be able to sit back and watch a future Hall-of-Famer work every day. I can learn a lot from him. He leads by example.

Vick was asked about the protesters outside of practice and the controversy and backlash that follow him because of his checkered past…

Michael Vick:“I didn’t notice, and I try to stay away from that because all it does is make you develop mixed emotions about how you feel toward people,and I don’t want to be emotionally disturbed right now. I want to be in a great place. I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I’m playing football. It’s something that I needed in my life. I feel like I am in a great position and in a great place.”

“I think you have to look at the right I am trying to do, I can’t take back what happened in the past. Everybody is different from when they are 20 and when they are 35. You can’t fault people with some of the mistakes they made in their life. If that was the case, then you wouldn’t have a lot of people who get a second chance and wouldn’t be successful. It is what it is. You move on, stay positive and keep building what I’ve built the last five or six years.”

Steeler Nation ,we have now heard from the Pittsburgh Steeler’s newest back up quarterback, Michael Vick …So what do you think?

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