News & Notes : Steelers Training Camp 2015, Day 1

SNSThe Pittsburgh Steelers have officially kicked off 2015 Training Camp and all players were present and accounted for!  Let’s take a look at some news and notes from day one…

<> The Steelers placed 5 players on the PUP list to start camp,QB Bruce Gradkowski (right shoulder), LT Mike Adams (back), CB Senquez Golson (shoulder), LB Shawn Lemon (Achilles), and Maurkice Pouncey (foot).

Head Coach Mike Tomlin had this to say on the subject…

Mike Tomlin: “Bruce Gradkowski will start (on PUP) with a right shoulder injury. Really no update there,we will watch how he feels and perks up. Mike Adams had a back procedure on July 20, and he will be out approximately four weeks. Shawn Lemon has an Achilles strain. Maurkice Pouncey has a right foot sprain that happened in training, but it’s very minor. Senquez Golson has a shoulder injury, and we will monitor it. No real update or anticipated lengths of time with these guys other than Mike Adams because he had a back procedure that requires about four weeks of rehabilitation before he’s ready to go. But largely I am excited about the overall readiness of the group and excited about getting started.”

<> RB  DeAngelo Williams came to camp looking slim & trim having lost 13 pounds and is now weighing around 217…

 DeAngelo Williams: “I was just eating healthy and doing what I’ve done in the past as far as lifting weights and running, none of that changed, I just changed my eating habits. Coming in and not giving them an excuse on why I failed and why I succeeded.”

“I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to get down to where I was when I first entered this league and that was 217 pounds. I hadn’t seen 217 in eight years, so having an opportunity to see that number again and look at the bod pod and come in at 217 and have my body fat be 5%, it’s pretty amazing.”


<> RB Le’Veon Bell spoke on being back at camp and his physical conditioning…

 Le’Veon Bell: “I am glad to get the year started. It’s been a long offseason. I am glad to get back at it. This year I feel like I have been feeling so good. The last time I played football I was hurt. I am excited to get back out here and test myself.”

“This is easily the best I have ever felt. I am in the best condition I have ever been in my life so I am excited.”

<> CB Cortez Allen spoke on the importance of this camp and hopes to transition to being a team leader…

Cortez Allen : “This camp is very important to start out on a good foot,I am excited to be back out and competing with my teammates and just working. I want to bounce back and show people what I can do. It’s a process.Last year was frustrating. Any time things don’t go your way you get a little bit of frustration. Through those trials it makes you stronger. That is what it did. You learn more about yourself and I learn more every day.”

“It’s time to transition from just a guy to a leader,a guy people can count on to be there when needed and look to for advice and structure on how things are done.”


<> WR Antonio Brown drove into camp sporting a custom black and gold Rolls Royce.

<>Tweets of the Day…

All players report, but not all of them will participate in practice. READ:

Catch all the Sights & Sounds from move-in day at training camp. WATCH:

. knows a little about style. VIDEO: PHOTOS:

I think the Mike Adams injury is significant. Missing entire camp. There goes any leverage Steelers might have had with Beachum contract

Tomlin on the extra week of training camp: It’s an advantage if we make it one

Maurkice Pouncey wants to see what Dri Archer can do in camp. “We need to get past the 15 on kickoff returns.”

Gradkowski’s injury is to his right shoulder. Pouncey is a minor foot injury.

QB Bruce Gradkowski also on PUP with right arm fatigue. Had issue in spring too but does not sound serious

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