Pouncey Rips Former Teammate Mike Wallace ?

Pouncey BrothersThe Pouncey brothers Maurkice and Mike have both played with wide receiver Mike Wallace and Tuesday they spoke out about his actions to end the 2014 season and what ultimately would help end his time with the Miami Dolphins all together.

Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and his twin brother Mike,center for the Miami Dolphins were interviewed by CBS Miami and asked what they thought about  a player who voluntarily sits out while his teammates compete. The reporter began the question by stating ” With out naming names”.

Maurkice Pouncey answered the question as follows…

Maurkice Pouncey: “First of all, in my opinion, he’s a coward,I never want a guy on my team like that, man. To walk out on your band of brothers. Forget the things that don’t happen in the game, say if you don’t get the ball a lot or you mess up and they pull you out. Forget about all that, it’s about playing for your brothers.”

Mike Pouncey answered as follows…

Mike Pouncey: “ I think the offseason is the time to speak your mind,obviously our organization felt that way about some guys, and they got those guys out of our football team. I think it was the right move for everybody because at the end of the day if not everybody’s on the same page you’re not going to win football games, it takes 11 not 10 and so I’m glad that we moved on from that and I can’t wait to see where we go on from here.”

Its been well documented that Wallace pulled himself out of last season’s week 17 game during what would become a lost to the New York Jets after becoming upset with his role in the offense. Wallace refused to re-enter the game and it was reported that many of his teammates were upset by his actions at the time.

Mike Wallace was recently traded to the Minnesota Vikings. Wallace tweeted this shortly after news of the interview..

Mike and Maurkice are my lil bros man… Maurkice was speaking on a general situation Not my situation media can do whatever they want!!!

Here is a link to raw footage of the interview…

Here’s the raw, unedited brothers. Latest Videos « CBS Miami

So Steeler Nation what do you think???

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