Steelers Taking Their Time In Free Agency

KCRThe Pittsburgh Steelers have never been a team to rush into the free agent period,so the lack of any big name signings two days in should not be a surprise.

Through the years rarely have the Steelers made a big splash during the opening days of  free agency. Yet many fans and critics think that this approach may be outdated, that the Steelers have somehow fallen behind the times.

GM Kevin Colbert and the Rooneys have always taken a slow and steady approach in such matters and they are not about to change now.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the most successful franchises for well over the past decade and still have yet to have a losing record  under head coach Mike Tomlin. It’s hard to argue with whats been a winning formula more often than not.

However, many are saying the Steelers are letting players get away and should be making some moves before its too late.

To these critics I say have some patience. The Steelers have a plan, they have target players that they are interested in but only at the right price. The Steelers will never be one of those teams that overspends for a player or lets the player dictate his price.

The truth is if the Steelers really want to keep a player they usually find a way but wont at the expense of the whole team or the salary cap. If a player has left it’s usually because the other team paid more than the Steelers were willing or the player was not in the Steelers plans to begin with.

The Steelers will wait till the smoke clears, try and sign some reasonably priced players to fill some needs and then continue to build through the NFL draft.

If your looking for fast and furious during free agency, you have the wrong team.

What do you say Steeler Nation?


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