Steelers Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau Resigns

DLSteeler Nation, it’s a sad day and the end of an era as longtime Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau has resigned.

Dick LeBeau served a total of 16 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers coaching the secondary from 1992-94 before becoming defensive coordinator from 1995-96 and returning to that position from 2004-14.

Under LeBeau the Steelers defense finished in the top 10, 11 times and as the top ranked defense 5 times.

The Steelers made the playoffs 9 of the 13 years LeBeau was coordinator and went to 3 Super Bowls winning 2 Super Bowl Championships.

LeBeau 77 is widely considered the key architect of the zone blitz defense, a defense that is now used through out all of football.

Dick LeBeau is beloved by Steelers fans and players alike and will be truly missed. He is a great coach and a greater person.

Thank you for a great run Dick LeBeau!

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