Steelers N Stuffs Picks Of Week: Divisional Round Playoffs


Are you ready for some football? The NFL playoffs are now in full swing as we enter the Divisional rounds! Who will take that next big step to the Championship rounds? We are about to find out!

Each week the writers of Steelers N Stuff will give you their picks of the week against the spread. Now remember, these picks are for amusement purposes ONLY. Do not try these picks at home, they are made by trained professionals.

Season Record W-L-T Steve: 39-33-0 Brandon: 39-32-1

Steve’s picks…

$$$$ Patriots -7 over the Ravens …
The Patriots and Tom Brady are at home and I look for them to be out for a little revenge ,against a Ravens team that has beaten them in the playoffs in the past. In the end I look for Gronkowski and Brady to be to much for the Ravens to handle.

$$$ Panthers + 11 over Seattle …
The Seahawks are tough at home but I look for Cam Newton and a tough Panthers defense to keep this one closer then most think.

$$ Broncos -7 over Colts…
It’s the battle of the old gun slinger vs. the young gun slinger as Manning and Luck meet again. I got the feeling Manning has more fire power this round as he may be making his last stand.

$ Packers -6 over Cowboys …
This one is a tough one with Romo and the Cowboys on a roll but I think if Arron Rodgers leg holds up the Packers will have too much offense at home for the Cowboys

Brandon’s picks…

$$$$ Patriots -7 over the Ravens… I am not a believer in this Ravens ball club. Although they put together a good team win in last week’s win over the Steelers, I seen this team struggle all season long and I am not believing they will do the same against the Patriots in New England.

$$$ Seahawks -11 over the Panthers… These two teams have the key to success in the playoffs. They can run the football and play great defense. The Panthers also play very well on the road. However, I believe the Seahawks are just too much for the Panthers to handle. The key to this game will be quarterback Russell Wilson.

$$ Packers -6 over the Cowboys… Time for the battle of the weekend. The Cowboys who are undefeated on the road will be playing the Packers who are undefeated at home. Both teams are very similar in a lot of ways but in the end, I will take Aaron Rodgers in the cold over Tony Romo.

$ Colts +7 over the Broncos… The Broncos seem to have a more talented team on paper, but I believe that Andrew Luck can perform at a high level to keep this one close with Peyton Manning and the Broncos. I’m taking the Colts.

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