A New Season Starts Now For The Steelers

LOCKERThe 2014 regular season is now finished and the Steelers are 11-5 and winners of the AFC North division.They now enter the NFL playoffs for the first time since 2011, taking on the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field and a new season begins.

You can throw records out the window ,as each NFL playoff team has a renewed sense of hope and optimism.Each believing they have a shot to become Super Bowl Champions and hoist that Lombardi Trophy.

What happened in the 2014 regular season means little now,as the NFL Playoffs is a season that deals in terms of here and now.

The good and bad of the regular season is now in the rear view mirror.

The team that shows the most focus and determination and is able to get on a roll in January will be SuperBowl Champions in the end.

The Steelers seem very focused and have won their last four games straight.

The question now is can they carry that focus and momentum into January and through the NFL playoffs?

Anything is possible in the NFL playoffs! So buckle up and let the games begin!

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