Steelers Defensive End Stephon Tuitt Gets His Chance

tuitt to startThe Pittsburgh Steelers drafted DE Stephon Tuitt  out of Notre Dame in the second round with the 46th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.Tuitt was a highly touted college player that many had rated as a first round talent. The Steelers expect a bright future from Tuitt and have been impressed with his size and skills from the beginning. 

However, his journey as a Steeler has been a slow one so far,spending most of his time patiently learning the Steelers defense behind veteran players.

That all changed last week when veteran DE Brett Keisel went down with a season ending injury.Tuitt saw 29 snaps on defense against the Saints,.the most in-game action of his NFL career to this point.

There is a great chance that Stephon Tuitt will make his first NFL start this week against the Cincinnati Bengals.Tuitt spoke of his excitement for the chance and his readiness for the opportunity.

Stephon Tuitt: “I am excited,I’m trying to keep my composure around ‘Coach Mitch’ but I am excited. I’m not gonna lie. But at the same time, I still have a job to do and I still have to do my job exceptionally well.”

“This is what it comes down to. You get drafted to come to the NFL to be able to show what your have. I have these guys’ backs and they have mine, and I’m going to go out there and give them everything I have every snap.”

“Right now I’m doing what I do every week, getting ready, preparing to have a great week of practice to be able to be prepared for the game this weekend. How I do this week in practice is really going to determine how I feel this weekend. It’s just about preparing and knowing I’m ready.”

Stephon Tuitt sounds like a man that’s ready for a bigger role in the Steelers defense.This Sunday, he gets the chance to prove that he is.


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