Steelers Must Finish Strong

images (1)The 2014 NFL season is now entering crunch time as we reach the home stretch with just five regular season games remaining .

The Pittsburgh Steelers are caught up in the log-jammed AFC North were every team in the division has 7 wins.
The Cincinnati Bengals lead the way at 7-3-1 with the Steelers, Browns,and Ravens all at 7-4.

So as you can see, each game moving forward takes on a new importance with the margin for error growing smaller and smaller as teams fight for their playoff positions.

The Steelers could have an advantage playing the division leading Bengals twice in the next 5 weeks. Two pivotal games that may decide the division winner and the Steelers playoff fate. Another factor in the Steelers favor is that 3 of their last 5 are home games.

One thing for sure is the Steelers must play their best football heading in to December and beyond.This is the time of the year when the contenders separate themselves from the pretenders.

The Steelers must play smart football from here on out. There is no more room for slow starts and playing down to the competition.

The Pittsburgh Steelers must finish strong and the time is now!

Here’s a look at the AFC North teams and their remaining schedules.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  New Orleans, at Cincinnati, at Atlanta , Kansas City and Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Bengals: at Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, at Cleveland, at Denver, and at Pittsburgh.

Cleveland Browns:  at Buffalo, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, at Carolina and at Baltimore

Baltimore Ravens: San Diego, at Miami, Jacksonville, at Houston and Cleveland.


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