NT Daniel McCullers, Ready For First Career Start

DM 1ST StartRookie NT Daniel McCullers is a big man standing at 6-7 352 pounds.Tonight, with starter Steve McLendon out (Shoulder),  McCullers will get a taste of the big time as he prepares to make his first NFL start, and it doesn’t get much bigger than the national prime-time stage of Monday Night Football.

Throw in the fact that his first start will come in the state of Tennessee and you have the potential for something real special.

McCullers was drafted in the sixth round (215th overall) out of the University of Tennessee by the Steelers in the 2014 NFL draft , so Tennessee is a special place for McCullers.

He spoke of his first start possibly being at Tennessee earlier this week…

Daniel McCullers: “It will be nice because I played at Tennessee, I know the surroundings. It would be special to play at Tennessee for my first start. I have a lot of tickets I have to buy. I’ll have a lot of friends and family at the game. It will be a great moment for them and for me.”

McCullers has shown great potential in limited playing time, having only played a total of 25 snaps through three games of playing action. He is still a work in progress.

He spoke about his preparation and readiness for the start…

Daniel McCullers: “We have to win it and I am ready to go,my first NFL start, we’ll see who starts. I need to continue to work during practice and work on my technique.We will just continue to work. We have a good game plan ahead of us and we’ll continue to work and get better.”

(On Staying Low)…

“It’s hard for me to do ,I just have to bend. When I do it I can be pretty good. I have to continue to work on staying low, my technique. I am just working every day on staying low, using my hands, learning the system, plays to be in the right place at the right time. I feel like I am doing pretty good.”

Nose Tackle Daniel McCullers is a huge man, and you get the feeling that no stage is too big for him.. Tonight he gets a chance to prove it!





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