The Good, The Bad & The Ugly : Steelers At The Jets

SNSGBUThe Pittsburgh Steelers were flying high heading into this game against the low flying Jets, only to fall back down to earth with a thud, as the Jets handed the Steelers a 20 -13 loss.

Let’s take a look at the Good,the Bad & the Ugly of the Steelers loss to the Jets.

The Good:
When you lose to a team that is on an eight game losing streak not much good can come from it.
The big play ability of rookie WR Martavis Bryant continues to grow. Bryant led the team with 143 receiving yards on 4 receptions,including an 80 yard touchdown catch late in the game His 6th touchdown grab in four games.

In a game that had few bright spots,knowing that the Steelers have a promising young big play making receiver like Bryant bodes well for the future.

The Bad:

When your two best offensive players are responsible for 4 turnovers…QB Ben Roethlisberger( 2 interceptions) and WR Antonio Brown ( 2 fumbles) you know your in trouble . The trouble didn’t end there as the Steelers couldn’t get their running game started as the offensive line lost the battle of the trenches most of the day.The Steelers ran 17 times for 36 total yards and a long of 8 yards. That’s a putrid average of 2.1 yards a run.

The defense gave up big plays and did not force any turnovers.

The Steelers didn’t do much better on special teams missing a 23 yard field goal after making a 53 yard kick earlier in the game.

The Steelers lost in just about every phase of the game against a team that was on an 8 game losing streak. This includes the game planning and coaching.

The Ugly:

The Steelers had a perfect opportunity to take control of the AFC North and once again let it slip from their grasp against a losing team they should have easily beaten. This is becoming a far too familiar scenario and must end before they can take that next step to becoming an elite team.

The Steelers must step up in every phase of their game, they must take care of business against teams they should  beat.

Their inconsistent ways must end now before this season gets any uglier.


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