The Steelers Are Looking For Special Players In Preseason Final

images (1)Steeler Nation, It’s finally here, that dreaded final preseason game! Yes that so called meaningless game, that most key players for the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers won’t even see a snap in.

However, as meaningless as this final preseason game may seem it means a lot to those players who may be on the bubble of making the Steelers final 53 man roster. 

These players have one last shot at proving their worth to the Pittsburgh Steelers and in most cases it will boil down to versatility and ability to play special teams.

The Steelers have their starters for the season chosen by this point and most back up positions should already be known by the coaching staff. Now it comes down to the fine details for these final few roster spots. Who shows more heart and hustle? Who is willing to do the dirty work? Who can contribute as position depth and also excel on special teams?

Head Coach Mike Tomlin talked about the opportunities that this last game provides for players bidding for those final spots on the team and more at his weekly press conference…

 Mike Tomlin:“I thought last year going into the Carolina preseason game,Derek Moye was on the outside looking in,but he did enough in that football game to turn the tide for himself. But if you look at it over the history of time, you can go back to 2009. Stefan Logan returns the first punt in that game 80 yards and earns a spot for himself. Sometimes you have to study the history of this game and this series specifically to provide information for men so they can know that they have a legitimate opportunity to help themselves. And some of the examples of that opportunity are sitting in the room with them.”

“One of the things that’s big in this game (against Carolina) is the kicking game,many of the guys who are fighting to improve their position within the group and carve out roles for themselves at the 11th hour, we’re not talking about defensive backs who are going to play defensive back, or wideouts who are going to play wideout. Usually we’re talking about defensive backs who are going to be gunners or corners in the kicking game. A lot is written and said about how they perform offensively or defensively, but what they do on special teams is going to be a significant element in determining who sticks and who does not.”

Although this game may seem meaningless to many, there are more than a few that will be fighting for their NFL lives and only the “special” will survive.

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