The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Preseason Steelers at Eagles

SNSGBUSteeler Nation, the Pittsburgh Steelers have now played their third game of the preseason and are now 1-2. It was not a pretty sight.The Steelers lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 31-21 but truly it really was not even that close.The Steelers came out flat and stayed that way for most of the night.Lets take a look at the Good, the Bad  & the Ugly of the Steelers 31-21 loss to the Eagles.

The Good:

In a game like this, the good can be very hard to find,but in times like this you must look for the most reliable and no players are more reliable than Heath Miller and Antonio Brown..Miller was the Steelers leading receiver with 5 catches for 53 yards and a 27-yard touchdown. Miller looks as though he is ready to return to his old reliable self this season.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown remains one of the most consistent offensive threats the Steelers have. Brown caught 3 catches for 59 yards leading the Steelers in receiving yards. Brown is a true competitor,playing full go at all times, be it practice or preseason.

The Bad: 

When it comes to the bad it’s not a question of where, but where to begin…The Steelers looked bad during most of this game and it wasn’t just in one phase of the game but all three, offense, defense and special teams. Sloppy play and mistakes in all areas. Missed tackles, missed field goals and missed opportunities. 13 penalties for 92 yards. The Steelers had plenty of bad to go around and were simply out played most of the game.

The Ugly:

The Steelers played one of the most ugly uninspired games that I have seen in a long time. The offense was ugly most of the night but lets focus on this defense. The defense could not stop the Eagle’s run game allowing 182 yards rushing and a ghastly 5.2 yards per running play. The Steelers pass defense was not much better giving up 300 yards passing. The Steelers outside linebackers could not generate any pass speak of.

The Steelers are a young defense with many new parts but that’s still no excuse to play this ugly. The defense needs to get things together quickly or things will only get uglier.

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