News & Notes : Steelers Week 3 of Pre-Season

SNS News&NotesSteeler Nation, the Steelers are heading into their third preseason game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. The Steelers starters should get plenty of playing time, as they ready themselves for the fast approaching regular season. Lets take a look at this weeks News and Notes…

<>The big news of the week broke Wednesday when reports began to surface that both Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount had been arrested. A Ross township police officer pulled over a car driven by Bell after smelling marijuana smoke coming from the vehicle. LeGarrette Blount was in the passenger seat and an unnamed woman in the back seat. The officer then found a baggie containing 20 grams of marijuana in the glove box. Bell was then taken for blood test and is expected to be charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. All three occupants of the car claimed that the marijuana belonged to all of them.

Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten spoke on the reports…

Burt Lauten: “We are aware of the reports and still gathering information,we will have no further comment at this time.”


<>The Steelers also made a few roster moves and signings this week signing veteran defensive  end Brett Keisel Wednesday to a reported two year deal. Keisel will now enter his 13th season as a Pittsburgh Steeler.

<>Earlier this week the Steelers signed offensive lineman Graham Pocic  and cornerback  Dayonne Nunley. Pocic was an undrafted free agent out of Illinois in 2013 that was recently cut by the Chicago Bears. Nunley  is a rookie free agent out of Miami of Ohio. Pocic will wear #64 and Nunley #37 The Steelers made room on the roster by releasing offensive lineman Bryant Browning and wide receiver James Shaw.

<>The Steelers will cut their roster to 75 players  August 26 by 4:00 pm and then make final cuts August 30th by 4:00 pm.

<>The Steelers have a few players ruled out for Wednesday’s game at Philadelphia. Head Coach Mike Tomlin spoke on this and more in his pre-game press conference…

Mike Tomlin:“From an injury standpoint we have some people who are out definitively this week,and we have some other guys we’ll hold out as we do this time of year. The guys who are definitely out: Eric Waters has a concussion, Shaquille Richardson has a lateral knee (injury), and he won’t participate. Cody Wallace had a finger fracture that was fixed; he won’t participate. Greg Warren obviously won’t participate coming off his meniscus tear and surgery. Jordan Zumwalt with his groin injury will not participate.

“There are a variety of guys with soft tissue injuries kind of associated with this time of year whom we’ll leave the light on for and wait until the eleventh hour to see if they are available. Those guys are Will Allen with a hamstring, Tauren Poole with a hamstring, Devin Smith with a hamstring, and Will Johnson with a hamstring.

“We’re getting to the meat of this thing a little bit, and if guys are going to make a move it’s kind of now or never,I like that feeling of urgency in the guys as we prepare this week and I think it’s creating a good competitive environment as we get back here in terms of continuing the team building on the South Side.”

“We’re going to continue to play our first units more than they have the previous week,” I haven’t decided on the exact number, but obviously you can assume it’s going to be more than they played in the previous games. It’s just the natural part of the process. You like to mock this week up and have it simulate a regular in-season week in a lot of ways, but with the short week and the number of people we’re working with it won’t be a complete mock week as in many instances in the past. We won’t have a complete comprehensive game plan, situationally, across the board, but it will be a nice step for us.”


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