Time Is Ticking On The Steelers Pending 2015 Free Agents

Kevin-ColbertSteeler Nation, the Pittsburgh Steelers have begun training camp and now the clock begins to tick. Time remains for the Steelers to make some moves and sign some players to contract extensions but that window of time will soon close.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have long had the policy of not negotiating contracts during the football season, so its safe to say by the end of training camp and preseason all negotiations will be closed.

The Steelers had four starting players heading into the final year of their contract, along with Ben Roethlisberger (2years), Jason WorildsCortez Allen,Shaun Suisham and Marcus Gilbert .

Its already been established Ben Roethlisberger will not be extended till after the 2014 season and earlier this week kicker Shaun Suisham signed a contract extension that keeps him with the team through the 2018 season.

So that leaves three starters left as candidates for contract extensions. Linebacker Jason Worilds signed his transition tag contract and is due 9.75 million for 2014.The thought back in March was the Steelers would probably sign Worilds to a long term deal before the season began ,but as time drags on,it looks more and more as though the Steelers are willing to wait and see what Worilds does in 2014 before making a move. After all Worilds has shown to have a history of nagging injuries and has yet to put together a consistent full season. On the other hand Worilds may be ready for a breakout season.

The story on right tackle Marcus Gilbert is much the same as far as a history of nagging injuries and inconsistent play but he did show signs in the second half of 2013 of maybe taking a step forward. New offensive line coach Mike Munchak should also help in Gilbert taking that next step, but will the Steelers make the commitment to Gilbert?

Cornerback Cortez Allen has shown flashes of big play ability but also has shown inconsistency while battling injuries much of 2013. When the Steelers drafted  Allen they knew he was a raw project with great potential. The question is do they still believe in that potential?

The man that knows more than anyone about what the Steelers may do is GM Kevin Colbert. Colbert recently spoke on the pending free agents of 2015. Here are some quotes from Colbert…

Kevin Colbert: “We still have a group of pending free agents for the 2015 offseason, and we still have a good four weeks to try to get something done and that’s where we are right now.”

“How much and how many, it’s hard to say because one deal will affect another deal, so again we’ll see,we’d like to do as much business as we can within our constraints, both time-wise and cap-wise.”

The Steelers have extended kicker Shaun Suisham , does the buck stop there? Time will tell and time is ticking.


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