Ben Roethlisberger “I love Pittsburgh, it’s home for me, and I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

br7Steeler Nation,for the past couple days, there has been a lot of talk about Ben Roethlisberger‘s future with the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the start of training camp Steelers President Art Rooney II let it be known that the team has decided to wait till 2015 to work out a contract extension for Roethlisberger. The team expects the salary cap to go up in 2015 and expects to have more cap space at that time.

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert recently spoke on Roethlisberger and his contract extension negotiations saying, he doesn’t see “a circumstance where Ben won’t finish his career here.(Pittsburgh)”

Although Rooney reiterated the teams commitment and  desire to sign their franchise quarterback, many have speculated that Ben may look upon this waiting period as a snub.

Today on reporter Mike Prisuta  did a story on Ben Roethlisberger and in it Roethlisberger spoke about his desire to remain a Steeler. Here are some quotes…

Ben Roethlisberger:“I want to be here.” “It’s family,the Pittsburgh Steelers are family, from the Rooneys down. It means a lot because there’s a lot of love from the Rooney family to the coaches to the players and the players back to the Rooneys.
“Every time you step on the field it’s a gamble, whether you’re in a contract year or you just got a contract or whatever, because it’s a very violent, physical sport. But you know what? We play it, we know the risk. We just go out and give it everything we have.

“We can’t worry about getting hurt or playing safe. I’m not going to get rid of the ball any quicker this year because I’m thinking about not getting hurt. I’m going to give it everything I have like I always do.”


Roethlisberger on what it would mean to retire a Steeler….

“It would mean a lot, it would mean everything to me because I love this team, I love the family, and that includes the fans.

“I love Pittsburgh, it’s home for me, and I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Steeler Nation, if you ask me, any news about Roethlisberger wanting to leave Pittsburgh is purely speculation.The Steelers want Ben Roethlisberger to retire a Pittsburgh Steeler and Roethlisberger wants the same. It’s just a matter of time before both sides make that happen.

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