New Steelers Liking Their Roles

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot of new faces heading into the 2014 season. Two of those new faces, Safety Mike Mitchell and running back LeGarrette Blount came to the team through free agency. Through the first couple of weeks of OTA’s and practices Mitchell and Blount seem to be fitting in just fine and both are looking forward to their roles on the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mitchell and Blount both spoke on how things are going with their new team on  and here is some of what both had to say….

Mike Mitchell : “The brand of football that the Steelers are about and they play is very hard-nosed, physical and smash-mouthed, I think my personality and the way that I play just meshes perfectly with what we are trying to do here.”


“I love it,” said Mitchell. “I can already see (defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau) is using me the way I want to be used. I am getting to play in space a lot and I have also been coming in on some blitzes and timing them up pretty well. I am loving the scheme. I think it fits me great.”


“I haven’t made any mental errors yet. I pride myself on being a prepared, smart football player so I think I’m just along with everyone else. We’re putting in a good amount of plays and to be able to play them and play them at a high speed I think I am doing a pretty good job. Coach LeBeau came up and told me I was doing a pretty good job. So I think I am doing a pretty good job.”

“It definitely makes you feel good, but he has always been positive, positive reinforcement and positive motivation” said Mitchell. “It makes you want to play even harder for him. I want to come out and have an even better day tomorrow.”


“We are all out here sweating, trying to get better, trying to win that seventh championship,that is what we are all out here to do and it’s exciting to have the guys out here working for the same goal.” 


 LeGarrette Blount :“You work hard and go out there and do everything as though you are the starter,I knew I was going to come here with another guy (Le’Veon Bell). We hit it off from the beginning, he knows his playbook a lot better than I do. I ask him a lot of questions, things like that. He has shown me places to eat. I am learning things from him on and off the football field.

“We get along real well. I go to his house, we hang out and chill. Then we come here and work together. It’s a good situation, a good relationship.”


 “I feel like we will be exactly where we need to be, if not a little bit past it, when training camp comes. We have been working hard, putting in the time, expediting the process of learning the playbook for all of the new guys. We are going to be good.”


 “It’s a power, downhill running game. You’ve got a quarterback that has won a couple of Super Bowls and is going to be one of the best to play this game. I like everything about it. It’s dynamic with Antonio Brown, with Dri Archer. It’s going to be good, I like it.”


“Oh yeah. It’s going to be an explosive offense.”


Steeler Nation, the Steelers added more than a few new players this off-season and by the sounds of things so far Safety Mike Mitchell and running back LeGarrette Blount  are two very welcomed additions.

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