Steelers N Stuff’s Picks of the Week: Super Bowl Edition

SNSpicsSteeler Nation, its Super Bowl XLVIII weekend and we are now down to the last two teams standing. Who will be Super Bowl Champions and raise the Lombardi Trophy? We shall find out Sunday night Each week the writers of Steelers N Stuff will give you their picks of the week against the spread. Now remember these picks are for amusement purposes ONLY. Do not try these picks at home they are made by trained professionals.

Season Record  W-L-T     Steve 37-40-4    Brandon 34-44-3

Steve’s Pick…

Broncos -2 over the Seahawks … Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ high powered offense should be the difference in this one.  I look for this game to be close to begin with but don’t see the Seahalws and Russell Wilson keeping up in the second half. Give me the best quarterback in a big game . Manning is one of the greatest of all time and there is no bigger game. Manning will be raising the Lombardi Trophy.

Brandon’s Pick…

Broncos -2 over Seahawks… Well seeing that there is no way of me winning the picks this year, I better go the safe route here in Super Bowl XLVIII. The Seahawks have so much work ahead as they set out to play the best passing attack in NFL history. I don’t see how the “Legion of Boom” can be successful covering all of these receivers. So, I feel a low scoring game will still be upon us, but in the end, The Broncos will prevail.

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