The Buses’ Final Stop Should Be Canton

Jerome_BettisSteeler Nation Jerome “The Bus” Bettis is again a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you ask me the time has come to enshrine the Bus. Bettis may have been the best big running back ever to play in the NFL and no doubt was the most durable and productive .  He weighed in at about 260 but had the quick feet of a back much lighter . Bettis had a rare combination of size and quickness, big and strong enough to steam roll defenders rarely brought down by one tackler and also quick enough to make people miss when needed . Bettis  rarely ever was subjected to a big hit.

The Bus was one of the greatest  running backs to ever play the game. No back has displayed more heart , power,determination, and pure will for short yardage situations and the end zone scoring 91 touchdowns rushing and 3 more receiving during his career. No back was more dependable playing through various injuries and productive through all of his 13 seasons.

No other running back of his era dished out more punishment yet was able to endure the wear and tear of such a running style playing for 13 seasons. Bettis made the Pro Bowl 6 times  and was named All Pro twice in his career. The fact that he made the Pro Bowl his rookie year and also his 12th year is a testament  to his greatness and uncanny staying power.

Bettis was a legendary player and the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers during his career with the team . No player during that time embodied what it is to be a Pittsburgh Steeler more. Bettis was the leader of the Steelers on and off the field .

Jerome Bettis finished his career as the 5th ranked running back in rushing yards of all time with 13662 yards and now ranks 6th all time.

Bettis played with the passion and the fire of a true champion and his teammates fed off of this . No season reflected this more than his last in 2005. Needing to win out just to make the playoff at 7-5 the Steelers beat the Chicago Bears 21-9 . Bettis took over the game in the second half on a snow covered field going for 101yards and 2 touchdowns .

His touchdown run against Bears All Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher in that game will always in my mind define Bettis and his running style, if you have never seen it check it out Bettis just flattens Urlacher and a few other defenders to score the touchdown showcasing the pure power , will ,determination and passion  Bettis displayed throughout his career. The Steelers would win 7 straight to take the Bus home to Detroit and  on to win Super Bowl XL.  Bettis announced his retirement after winning Super Bowl XL riding off into the sunset a Super Bowl champion! A story book ending for one of the NFL’s all  time greats!

Jerome Bettis is now a finalist for the Hall of Fame for the 4th year and the 4th time should be a charm.

The final vote will take place February 1st and The Buses’ final stop should be enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

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