Steelers N Stuff Awards For The 2013 Season : SNS Rookie Of The Year

images (1)Steeler Nation , the writers at Steelers N Stuff are now presenting their SNS Awards for the 2013 season. In the following days we will release several different awards and please feel free to comment and tell us your opinion or make your own choice known.  With out further ado here is the SNS Rookie of the year award.

Steve’s pick for SNS Rookie of the year award… Running Back LeVeon Bell 

Steve’s take … 

LeVeon Bell was my choice hands down. Bell helped reestablished the Steelers’ running game in the second half of the season and was a huge part of the Steelers going 6-2 in the last eight games. LeVeon Bell had a total of 860 yards rushing and also had 45 catches for 399 total receiving yards setting a new Steeler rookie record with a total of 1259 yards from scrimmage.

Bell was able to break the record despite playing in only 13 games.

Bell  gives the Steelers an offensive threat out of the backfield in both the running and receiving phases of the game, a luxury the Steelers have not had in years.

Le’Veon Bell is a very special back showing great poise as a rookie and looks to be a big part of the Steelers for years to come.


Brandon’s pick for SNS Rookie of the Award…. Running back Le’Veon Bell

Brandon’s take…

For the first time in a long time, the Steelers have a running back that can do it all. Bell showed the Steelers in just 13 games he can run, catch, and block while also being the third down back.

Bell can go through, around, or over you which makes him even harder to defend. Bell was simply the easy choice here and well-deserving.

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