Cam Heyward : A Young Leader Emerges

Cam-HeywardSteeler Nation, from the very beginning of the 2013 season we wondered what new leaders would emerge. Over the past few seasons we have seen great Steeler leaders such as James FarriorAaron Smith, Casey Hampton and Hines Ward retire leaving us to wonder who will fill this role.

Through this up and down roller-coaster ride of a season we have learned at least one thing for sure. Cam Heyward is an up and coming player and has become one of the young leaders on this Steelers’ defense.

Cam Heyward was drafted in the first round of the 2011 draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers and had bided his time for the past couple season as a Steeler back up. That all changed this season as Heyward was name a full-time starter by the fifth game .

Heyward did not disappoint ,playing with a relentless blue-collar tenacity ,he became the Steelers best defensive lineman of 2013 and one of its top defensive players period.

Cam Heyward finished the season with 6 QB sacks,7 QB hits, 34 QB hurries, 5 batted passes and 36 tackles. He did this despite only 13 starts.

In a season of many disappointments the emergence of Cameron Heyward is a much needed bright spot and bodes well for the future of the Steelers defensive line in the future.

Cam Hayward is a hard-working,relentless, stand up player and embodies the “Steeler Way” and looks to be a Steeler leader for years to come.

In week 17 NFL Films had Heyward wired for sound for their Sound FX series here is the link  Sound FX’: Cameron Heyward .


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