Taylor Says It’s Like A Playoff Game; Is It Too Late?


The Pittsburgh Steelers have a clash with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday in Heinz Field. A game that feels like a playoff game Steelers’ cornerback Ike Taylor told Teresa Varley of Steelers.com. Last week, the Steelers lost another important contest that could have pushed their record back to even. With last week’s loss and a whole mess of teams locked in the 5-7 range, what are the odds of the Steelers still making the playoffs?

“It’s like a playoff, must-win atmosphere,” said Taylor. “Both teams are in the hunt for the playoffs. Miami is putting themselves in position and so are we. This is a huge game. It’s going to tell a lot. This game is like a playoff game.”

In the hunt with the Steelers are of course, the 6-6 Miami Dolphins, 5-7 Tennessee Titans who defeated the Steelers in week one, 5-7 San Diego Chargers, and 5-7 New York Jets. Three teams who are locked in at 4-8 – Browns, Raiders, and Bills.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will need to finish their season winning out with a lot of help from other teams. Lets not forget that the Steelers in their last month of football will play the Dolphins (5-7), the division leading Bengals (8-4), the Packers (5-6-1) who may have quarterback Aaron Rodgers back in time, and the Browns (4-8).

Here is the remaining schedule from the top teams in the hunt:

BALTIMORE: vs. Minnesota, at Detroit (Monday), vs. New England; at Cincinnati
MIAMI: at Pittsburgh, vs. New England, at Buffalo, vs. N.Y. Jets
TENNESSEE: at Denver, vs. Arizona, at Jacksonville, vs. Houston
SAN DIEGO: vs. N.Y. Giants, at Denver (Thursday), vs. Oakland, vs. Kansas City
N.Y. JETS: vs. Oakland, at Carolina, vs. Cleveland, at Minnesota

“The intensity magnifies in practice,” said Taylor. “You are running faster, there is more attention to detail. That is what they see. Everybody is talking. Everybody is on their Ps and Qs.

Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery said every game from here on out is do or die.

“If you lose, you can be out of it,” said Cotchery. “That is how we have to approach it. For us that is pretty much reality because we would lose tie-breakers. We are playing a team in the hunt in Miami and it’s going to be a playoff atmosphere.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers along with the rest of the AFC teams in the hunt, have a tough remaining schedule that they must finish strongly. One minor mistake can make the Steelers’ 2013 season history.

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