Chris Hoke: Worilds Showing More Pass Rush Ability than Woodley


In efforts of pulling some positive from Thursday night’s upsetting game, Jason Worilds played effective yet again in the absence of LaMarr Woodley at outside linebacker. awarded Worilds of being the Digest Player of the Week due to his game in Baltimore.

Worilds led the Steelers Thursday night with ten tackles and two sacks. Worilds also forced a fumble on one of his two sacks, but the ball was recovered by the Ravens.

Prior to the game on Thursday night, former Steelers defensive tackle, Chris Hoke, was on the Craig Wolfley Podcast last Monday talking about the great progression that Worilds has made, Hoke went onto say that Worilds has been showing better pass rush ability than LaMarr Woodley, in two years.

“I think Jason Worilds has made a heck of a difference on that defense. You’re seeing his athleticism, you’re seeing how he can rush the passer. He moved to that left side where LaMarr Woodley plays, and I think he has shown a lot more pass rush ability, than you’ve seen in LaMarr Woodley in two years.”

Hoke has a great point. In the last three games, Worilds has been arguably the best pass rusher in the league recording 23 tackles, 12 hits on the quarterback, and 3 sacks.

Woodley has missed time now in three consecutive seasons and his production has been slowed down because of it.

As it stands right now, Worilds has better stats than Woodley. Especially in sacks where the 25-year old has registered more in the last two seasons than the former Pro-Bowler has.

All of this continues to raise the question if Jason Worilds should be re-signed by the Steelers at the end of the season, instead of paying an outside linebacker who has missed 12 games in the previous three seasons, $18 million in 2014.

Player Season Starts Tackles Sacks Forced Fumbles QB Hurries QB Hits
Woodley 2013 9 33 5 1 21 6
Worilds 2013 8 49 6 2 15 15
Woodley 2012 13 38 4 1 14 8
Worilds 2012 3 27 5 0 8 4
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