Report: McLendon Sustains Broken Ankle; Possible Season Ending


One day after the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns (27-11), Steelers N Stuff is hearing reports of defensive tackle Steve McLendon suffered from a broken ankle during Sunday’s contest.

McLendon played just seven snaps before going down in the first quarter. ESPN’s Scott Brown reported McLendon’s status in his column on Monday morning.

The Steelers have not released any information on McLendon but will most likely be addressed on Mike Tomlin’s press conference today at noon. If McLendon has sustained a broken ankle, the potential of the injury for someone McLendon’s size may be season-ending.

Al Woods stepped in for McClendon and played big. Woods recorded two sacks on the quarterback against the Browns.

We will continue to watch out for McLendon’s status and bring that information right here on Steelers N Stuff! Follow us on Twitter @STEELERSNSTUFF and Like us on Facebook!

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