Steelers N Stuff: Behind Enemy Lines Lions At Steelers

LinesSteeler Nation , the 3-6 Steelers face the 6-3 Lions at Heinz Field Sunday. The Steelers will try and continue their winning ways against an up and coming Lions team.Lets go behind enemy lines and see just what the Lions are saying about the Steelers and this up coming game…  Proceed with caution!

Lions Coach Jim Schwartz : from conference call to Pittsburgh reporters.

Q: Can you talk about Calvin Johnson? No matter what team’s do against Calvin he always seems to get the ball. 

Lions Coach Jim Schwartz :
“I think that’s a tribute to him, our quarterback and also our offensive coordinator. Even going back to last year, and really in the history of Calvin’s career in the NFL, he’s been a marked man. He’s been a guy that defensive coordinator’s start their game plan with. His ability to be productive in spite of that says a lot about his ability. I think that defines a great player in the NFL when you’re the guy that everybody tries to stop and you can still be successful, whether you’re a pass rusher, a running back or a wide receiver. Whatever position you play, I think that’s a good definition of greatness. ”


Q: Coach Tomlin yesterday said that your defense doesn’t have an astounding number of sacks, but there’s no doubt that they change what offenses do. Can you speak about your defense, particularly your front line?

Lions Coach Jim Schwartz :

“They don’t give out trophies at the end of the year for the most number of sacks, or any other stat other than who wins that last game. That’s what we try to keep our eye on, is doing whatever we can to win the game on Sunday. You can’t always affect how many sacks you get. Like you mentioned before, if the quarterback is throwing the ball quick, you can’t get any sacks, or if they’re running the ball, there are a lot of circumstances that determine whether or not you’re going to make sacks. But if you can affect the game, if you can make the ball come out quick, if you can stop the run, if you can take your toll on the quarterback and set up big plays – we got a tipped ball for an interception that was at least a three-point play. They were on our eight-yard line and Ndamukong Suh tipped the ball that [DeAndre] Levy intercepted for his fifth interception of the year. No matter how you slice that, that’s at least three points, maybe seven points. When you play a close game, we won by two, it’s easy to look at a play like that as being the difference maker. Maybe it wasn’t the sack, but I think that play was just as big. We try not to get too involved with numbers. There are plenty of people that can talk about what our stats are and things like that, but we just try to keep our eye on doing whatever we need to do to win that particular game. If we’re able to do it, then we’re successful. That’s the only thing that matters, is that team’s success and getting a “W.”


Receiver Calvin Johnson : from conference call to Pittsburgh reporters.

Q: “The Steelers defense has given up some yardage to receivers this year. What do you see and what do you expect the challenge to be on Sunday?

Receiver Calvin Johnson : Just from watching the film, just from seeing the zone coverages, any time you play zone there are holes. If you’ve got a good quarterback he tends to find them, especially if you’ve got receivers that understand what you’re trying accomplish offensively. “

Q:The only time you played the Steelers you had one catch for two yards. Were you hurt that game?

Receiver Calvin Johnson :  ” I left that game with an MCL or meniscus or something.”

Q :Ryan Clark said that you weren’t the same player then that you are now. How has your game developed these last couple years?

Receiver Calvin Johnson :  

“The more and more experience you gain, the more situations you see, the more in tune you can be to those things. Just a better overall player you become. Like I said, experience is always the best teacher.”

Q: Mike Tomlin said that you’ve faced all types of coverages?  What is the most exotic or crazy coverage you’ve seen? 

Receiver Calvin Johnson :  

“I would say having a gunner-like coverage. It wasn’t even on the goal line. I’ve had it out in the middle of the field.”


Q: Tomlin called you the best receiver in the league. Do you agree with that?

Receiver Calvin Johnson :

 I appreciate that. I’m not going to get involved in that. That is for you all to decide. I appreciate it.”


Q: Ryan Clark said you remind him of a young Randy Moss.

Receiver Calvin Johnson : “That’s another great player, so that’s cool.”

Q: Has Antonio Brown jumped out in some of the film you’ve seen this week?

Receiver Calvin Johnson :
“Yeah. He’s a playmaker. He does well, not just at the receiver position, but returning the ball on punts. I don’t know if he does kickoffs, but he’s done well returning the ball on punts. He has a pretty good average and he definitely can make some big plays out there. He’s real quick, good route runner. He’s a good player. “

Q:What do you know about Dick LeBeau?

Receiver Calvin Johnson : 

” I met Dick LeBeau a couple times. Great guy. Great part of NFL history. Looking forward to going out there and hopefully we can wreck his schemes. [Laughs]”


Q:You’ll probably see a lot of Ike Taylor? What do you know about him?

Receiver Calvin Johnson :

 He’s been around for a long time. He’s been playing for over a decade in the league. He’s, I guess you could say, a physical corner. Good size. I’ve run across Ike, not on the field, but he’s a good corner. We’re going to have our hands full.



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