Steelers Must Continue To Stack Wins

images (1)Steeler Nation , Oh what a tangled web the Steelers have woven themselves through these first nine games . Coming into the 2013 season the Steelers had high hopes of rebounding from a 8-8 non-playoff season only to find themselves 3-6 and fighting to just make it again to a .500 record.

Injuries, a lack of quality depth and under achieving play have been a few of the major factors leading to a 3-6 record.

Despite all the Steelers woes this season , they still have an outside chance to finish the season respectable . The inept play of the AFC North has even given the Steelers a slight chance and the emphasize should be on slight ,to get back in the division race.

The Cincinnati Bengals lead the division despite having four losses, so the Steelers are only two games out of the division lead. The Steelers have four divisional games in the remaining seven. One of those match ups includes a home game verse the Bengals.

Before we can even think of such a scenario the Steelers must establish some consistency on offense and defense.

The Steelers have show small flashes of life on offense and defense along the way,but have not shown any consistency on either side of the ball. So far the only consistency the Steelers have shown is inconsistency .

The upcoming game against the 6-3 Lions will be a major test and the Steelers have no room for error from here on out.

The bottom line is the Steelers must start stacking wins to at the very least show some potential for the future . The future of many Steeler players and coaches will depend on it.




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