The Second Half Will Tell The Tale

helmetSteeler Nation , the Steelers are at the halfway point of the season and are a disappointing 2-6 . The second half of the season will be a very telling tale as the Steelers brass will be evaluating everyone ,including players, coaches and beyond.

When a team such as the Steelers starts off 2-6 there are going to many questions to be answered.

Will head coach Mike Tomlin be able to salvage what’s left of the rest of the season ? Will Tomlin lose his team ? Will they continue this downward spiral?
Will the defense rebound in the second half of the season or has the game truly passed defensive coordinator great Dick LeBeau by ? Will the offense finally click or will offensive coordinator Todd Haley be on his way out ?
Will the Steelers young offensive line ever gain any continuity or will it continue to be a revolving door plagued by injuries and incompetence?
These questions and more will begin to be answered during the second half of the 2013 season , a season that has been an underachieving disappointment through the first eight games .
No player or coach is safe .From here on out everyone must play or coach as though their livelihoods depend on it .This is the NFL and its a case of what have you done lately and winning is the only result that counts.

With that in mind , the next eight games of the Steelers season should be interesting to say the least .
It’s in the down times when you really find out what your made of. What players will quit when times get tough and what players will face adversity and continue to fight with the heart of a champion using this experience to become stronger .

Steeler Nation, the time has come to separate the contenders from the pretenders and these next eight games should help tell the tale.

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