The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Steelers at Raiders

SNSGBUSteeler Nation,the Steelers fell  back into their losing ways as they were defeated by the Oakland Raiders 21 -18. The Steelers are now 2-5. Lets take a look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the game.

The Good:

Once again,as in most of the Steelers losses the bad far outweighed the good but if you look hard enough good can be found. The play of the secondary was pretty good holding the Raiders to 88 yards of passing offense and collecting 2 takeaways. Troy Polamalu and Cortez Allen each had an interception. Terrelle Pryor had a QB rating of only 25.7.The Steelers defense did play good in the second half but once again it was a case of too little ,too late.

The Bad: 

The Steelers began the game bad as they gave up an inexcusable 93 yard touchdown run by quarterback Terrelle Pryor . The defense once again started off slowly letting the Raiders grab a quick 21- 3 lead in the first half. This is becoming a bad trend that has plagued the Steelers most of this season.

The Steelers offense fell back into its stagnate ways showing little rhythm or flow and virtually no running game. The Steelers rushed for only 35 total yards on 19 carries and a putrid 1.8 yard average.

Kicker Shaun Suisham the Steelers most consistent player of the season  missed two chip shot field goals from 34 and 32 yards.

The punting of Zoltan Mesko was once again well below par and he even had one blocked. Mesko has punted his last punt for the Steelers. His time with the Steelers was disappointing to say the least.

I could probably go on about the bad but lets just end it by saying the Steelers played badly in most phases of the game during the first half and once again lost to a team most good teams beat.

The Ugly:

The continued injuries on the offensive line are getting uglier by the week.Guards  Ramon Foster (concussion),David DeCastro(ankle) and backup Guy Whimper (leg) all left the game and could not return.The Steelers offensive line has been bitten by injuries most of the season,setting back the continuity of a young line with little depth.

The trend of the Steelers offense and defense starting games so slow is very troubling . The bottom line is the Steelers most consistent trait as a team this season has been inconsistency and that just does not win many games.



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