Beachum Finds Home At Left Tackle For Steelers

BeachumSteeler Nation, it looks as though the Steelers are finally settling on a position for Kelvin Beachum. Beachum started last weeks game against the Jets at left tackle and after a understandable shaky start he played well and the Steelers got their first victory of the season.

Beachum was a 7th round pick out of SMU  (246th pick overall ) in 2012. From the very beginning, the Steelers were impressed by Beachum and his versatility and high intelligence.

Coming into the season Kelvin Beachum was considered the Steelers ultimate swing man on the offensive line. Due to lack of quality depth Beachum played every position on the offensive line at camp seeing time at guard, center, tackle and even some tight end.

During the season opener when center Maurkice Pouncey went down with a season ending knee injury it was Beachum who filled in at center.  When guard Ramon Foster went down with an injury a few games later it was Beachum that took over at guard.

After four weeks of sub-par play at left tackle Mike Adams was benched and once again it was Kelvin Beachum to the rescue. It now looks as though the Steelers have decided to remove the swing-man label and have Beachum concentrate solely on playing left tackle.

Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley was asked about Beachum at his weekly meeting with the media…

Q:Re: Kelvin Beachum having a good test in facing Terrell Suggs

Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley: “He’s got his work cut out for him. There’s no doubt about it. One thing about Kelvin is that every time we say he’s this, he shows us he can be something more. That’s happened at every position. Now, it’s left tackle. This will be the biggest test to date. He’s working hard to get ready, but 55 [Suggs] is a great player.”


Q: Is Beachum still a primary backup at some of the other positions along the line if there is an in-game injury?

Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley: No, we’re taking some of that off of him so he can just focus on one job. He’s the left tackle and he’s getting ready to play.


Steeler Nation,Kelvin Beachum has come through every time the Steelers have needed him and there is no reason to doubt he will again. Kelvin Beachum no longer a jack of all trades ,but learning to master just one… left tackle.






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