Spence Takes First Step Back

052913-NFL-Pittsburgh-Steelers-Sean-Spence-PI-BR_20130529151527454_660_320Fourteen long months of rehab,pain,and hard work have led to this day. Wednesday Sean Spence returned to the practice field with the rest of his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates. This may only be the first step in his quest to return to the Steelers 53 man roster ,however its a step that the odds said he may never take.

Spence after showing great promise as a rookie in last year’s preseason went down with a horrific knee injury he suffered in the final preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.

This was not your run of the mill knee injury. Spence severely damaged his left knee tearing the anterior collateral and lateral collateral ligaments while also dislocating his knee cap and damaging the peroneal nerve.The peroneal nerve controls movement down to the foot and could not be repaired . Spence’s only chance was that the nerve would heal on its own,a rarity in most cases.

So you can see why its nothing short of a miracle that Spence was able to take a normal step let alone this first step back to practice with the Steelers.

Reports are so far so good as Spence was cleared to practice with the team Wednesday.

Spence had this to say to Steelers.com after his first practice back …

Spence:“It felt good,” said Spence after practice. “It held up pretty solid. I have to look at the film to get a better diagnosis of it and continue to build. But it’s exciting, very exciting.”

“I feel like I am blessed,” said Spence. “I have the opportunity and I am looking forward to it. I thought it was last week (I could practice), but they told me after week six. I jumped the gun but I knew in due time.”

“It’s a big step, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I am just happy and blessed I have this opportunity.”

The Steelers now have 3 weeks to decide what to do with Spence.They can add him to the 53 man roster,return him to the injured reserve list or release him. A choice will have to be made in the next three weeks.

No matter what happens Sean Spence has already beat the odds with this first step.


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