Shaun Suisham Mr. Consistency

Suisham kickSteeler Nation , through the 2012 season and so far through the 2013 season we have seen a lot of up and down performances from the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, through it all there has been one player that has been constantly good ,that player is kicker Shaun Suisham .

Shaun Suisham is perfect for the year hitting all ten of his field goal attempts through the first five games.He also played a big part in the Steelers first victory of the season last week hitting on field goals of (46) (33) (48) (32) scoring 13 of the Steelers 19 points. He currently  has made an incredible 17 consecutive field goals between 40 and 49 yards.

During Shaun Suisham’s  four seasons with the Steelers he has made a team record  86.2 % of his field goals. Suisham has also made 33 of his 41 field-goal attempts at Heinz Field, a place that is notorious for its unpredictable kicking environment.
Suisham’s consistent ways have not been lost on his teammates or his coaches.

Today,on 93.7 The Fan QB Ben Roethlisberger discussed how he has so much confidence in Suisham that if the offense gets anywhere around the opponents 35 yard line he takes it for granted that the Steelers will get points.

In an article from Ray Fittipaldo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Suisham’s position coach special teams coach Danny Smith had this to say about his kicker…

Danny Smith: “To be honest with you, I’ve always loved him. He’s a great guy. He’s a great kicker. He has a great demeanor about him. He has a lot of qualities that you look for in a kicker.

“Things don’t affect him. You can’t rattle him. Nothing is too big for him, and he works at his trade. I see the same things in him that I always have and I’m just fortunate to be back with him.”

Shaun Suisham has not always had an easy road in the NFL. He was cut 9 times by 6 different teams and that was through his first five seasons in the league.

Here are some Shaun Suisham quotes from the Ray Fittipaldo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article mentioned above…

Shaun Suisham: “I’d much rather be kicking at Heinz Field regardless of conditions than kicking at a local high school hoping for a phone call,”

“I love it here. I appreciate every aspect of it. I appreciate this opportunity and appreciate the position, being a kicker in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

“There’s a natural progression, hopefully, to improve physically and mentally as you go on,” Suisham said. “For me, that’s continuous. I’m always striving to become better in all aspects. I feel like I’m in a good place right now”

Suisham was able to fight through adversity to become one of the NFL’s most consistent kickers . In a league where every scoring opportunity is crucial Suisham has been the Steelers Mr. Consistency.




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