Coach’s Word: Tomlin on Jets

Mike Tomlin, Kevin Colbert

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in East Ruthorford New Jersey to take on the New York Jets at 1:00 PM ET. Head coach Mike Tomlin gave the media some insight on the game and how the team focused during the bye week.

Question:  How would you evaluate Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith?

A: He’s a very even-keeled personality type. That lends itself to being able to ride the roller coaster that can be that position, particularly at a young age. He has done a nice job of managing it. I’m not surprised by that, and I’m sure the Jets are excited about the direction in which he and they are going.

Question: What has Willie Colon added to their offensive line?

A: He has been Willie. He’s consistently physical. He has the proper play demeanor, and he appears to be a catalyst for that unit in terms of emotion. You see a lot of communication flowing through him, as it should be, because Willie is a solid veteran player. It looks like he’s playing good football.

Question: Who is their best defensive player?

A: It’s (linebacker) David Harris. He’s a guy for all situations for them, their man in the middle. If you look at them structurally and equate it to other Rex Ryan defenses, he’s Ray Lewis. There are no packages that Harris is not in. He covers, blitzes, he stops the run. He’s a really good solid football player and the center of their defense.

Question: What was the coaching staff’s primary focus during the bye week?

A: Just to get better, and not only in terms of individual skill development, but we’re willing to look at all components of it and look at the utilization of people and the movement of people. We’re willing to turn over every stone necessary to try to win this football game.

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