Colbert Fan’s Latest Scapegoat???

Kevin-ColbertSteeler Nation, through this dreadful 0-4 start of the Steelers we have heard everything. Fire MikeTomlin, fire Todd Haley, heck lose the rest of the season so we can get a higher draft pick. There has been no limits to the outrage and outrageous suggestions.

However, one that has recently picked up steam and in my opinion is way off base is the Steelers should get rid of GM Kevin Colbert.

When your coming off an 8-8 non playoff season and begin 0-4 there is going to be some blame and Colbert, the coaching staff, and players all deserve a share of that blame but getting rid of Kevin Colbert would be a huge mistake and is not the answer.

Has Colbert and his staff missed on picks and had some bad drafts? The answer is yes, but what GM has not, in the course of 13 seasons?

The NFL draft is a hit and miss event no matter how good the GM. That’s just the nature of the beast in the NFL and the more success you have as a team the harder it is to hit on these blue chip players late in the first round let alone at all.

Kevin Colbert is one of the top GM’s in the NFL. No one works harder at evaluating talent and few have as good a track record.

Since Colbert’s arrival in 2000, the Steelers have been one of the most successful organizations in the NFL and all of sports.The Steelers have played in 5 AFC Championship games since 2000 and won 3. They have 3 Super Bowl appearances and 2 Super Bowl Championships.
Kevin Colbert and his scouting staff have made many great moves in the 1st round of the draft, QB Ben Roethlisberger and S Troy Polamalu, to name a couple. Let us not forget the many other moves such as picking up DE Brett Keisel in the 7th round. Signing  free agent LB James Farrior in 2002, or street free agents RB Willie Parker and Linebacker James Harrison. The list goes on.
I know what your thinking,what about left tackle? You can’t blame Colbert for taking a shot at Mike Adams in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft. Adams was considered by many a first round talent and it’s way too early to give up on him completely. The list of General Managers that have missed on the left tackle position over the years is long. Quality left tackles are hard to find and even harder to evaluate.
The Steelers problem is they are a team in transition. They have a few core veterans left but the depth of the team is young and unknown. The season ending injuries to key players such as Maurkice Pouncey and Larry Foote hurt this transition and has forced inexperienced players into roles they may not been ready for. Top that off with a turn-over ratio of -11 through the first 4 games and that spells disaster.
Stop the turnovers and force some. Give the youth a chance to grow into their roles.
The fact that the Steelers have been able to put off this transition for this long is a tribute to the value Colbert and his staff has brought over the long haul.
You don’t give up on a GM the quality of Kevin Colbert over an 8-8 season and an 0-4 start.
It’s my opinion that the 2013 draft may turn out to be one of Colbert’s best yet. Linebacker Jarvis Jones and running back Le’Veon Bell are potential future stars of the league and have not disappointed so far

The bottom line is Cobert’s good far out weighs his bad. Firing Kevin Colbert is not the answer and would be a huge mistake. He would not be unemployed for long and that’s a fact.

What’s your opinion? We would love to hear it! Feel free to comment

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