Question of the Day: Who’s to Blame for 0-4 Steelers?


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Question: Who is to blame for the 0-4 Steelers?

The Steelers now head into their bye week having lost all four games of the 2013 season. Now the Steelers are looking for answers on why they are in fact 0-4. Is it the front office? Head coach Mike Tomlin? Offensive coordinator Todd Haley?

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2 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Who’s to Blame for 0-4 Steelers?

  1. O-line weak for a few years now. Ben can’t produce when he’s being sacked a million times. Haley needs to go as well. He is not working out. Calls bad plays.

  2. Why no one ever mention Colbert? He’s the one who’s kept this team behind the 8 ball with multiple missd picks since Cowher left..bad contracts..pushing $ back handcuffing the team from signing their own Free Agents or goin out to get other (Good) ones ..not players like William Gay & Guy Whimper. Dude needs to bounce

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