Steelers N Stuff Chat: Wednesday, September 25th

september 25th chat

Alright Steeler Nation, are you ready? This Wednesday, September 25th, Steelers N Stuff will be having their first official chat for the public. What is so special about the Steelers N Stuff Chat? From 7:00-8:00 PM ET, we will be talking all the Steelers football you want for one hour.

You read that right. Fans have a say in the Steelers N Stuff Chat. Steelers fans get to say how they are feeling about the 2013 Steelers and their opinions will be heard right here! Also, get all of the Steelers questions you have answered by the Steelers N Stuff writers.

So please Steeler Nation, spread the word and make sure to tell a friend. Be here at 7:00 PM eastern time for a great time.

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