No More Fun And Games For Young Steeler Players

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Steeler Nation ,It looks like there are new rules in the Steeler Locker Room. The Steelers held a veterans only meeting this week .  KDKA Reporter Jory Rand reported Thursday, signs stating no player without 4 years experience in the League was permited to play ping-pong or pool in the Steelers locker room during business hours any more.

Rand said most veterans were tight-lipped on the subject but he did get Isaac Redman to speak on the subject…

Redman: “Young guys can’t play pool, ping pong or shuffleboard. Sucks to be a young guy, I guess. … “We need to win a football game here before guys are coming in worrying about who’s first on the pool table. So that eliminates that.”

The signs were taken down by the end of the day.In no way does this solve the Steelers problems but this may be a small step toward the young guys taking their jobs more serious.

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