Steelers N Stuff: Behind Enemy Lines Steelers at Bengals

BELSteeler Nation , It’s week two of the 2013 season .The Steelers opponents are the Cincinnati Bengals . Lets go behind enemy lines and see just what the enemy is saying about the Steelers and this up coming game…   Proceed with caution!

Linebacker James Harrison from conference call to Pittsburgh reporters…

Q: Surprise or disappointment with how things ended here?

James Harrison: No surprise. I knew when we first started talking and negotiating that things didn’t look like I was going to end up there. We couldn’t come to an agreement that was comfortable to them or comfortable to me, so we parted ways. It’s just a business.

Q: Will you be jawing much with the Steelers on Monday?

James Harrison: I was never a talker to begin with.

Q: This won’t get you going a little more? Won’t say anything to Ben Roethlisberger or Marcus Gilbert?

James Harrison:If we talk before the game, ‘good luck,’ but that’s about it.

Q: Have they picked your brains about what the Steelers like to do offensively?

James Harrison: Yeah, they pick your brain a little bit. To be honest with you, there was very little I could tell them. I’m on the defensive side, so I could give them more information from the defense than I could the offense.

Q: And probably have right?

James Harrison: A few pointers.


Questions & Answers from Marvin Lewis Press Conference …


Q: What’s the one thing you know you’re going to get from Dick LeBeau? 

Marvin Lewis: “We’re going to get the different inside fire-zone pressures. We’re going to get those, we’re going to get the cross pressures. The people on TV like to call them the cross dogs and those kinds of things. We’re going to get that. You’re going to get the nickel stuff off the slots. We’re going to get those things, and we’re going to show this way, and rotate that way, and come from the other side. They just do a good job of disguise. What you saw last week, one guy will be changed and you’ll get the similar pressure, but it will be a different player there. The players there do a good job of understanding that.”

Q: Do you account for Troy Polamalu differently when he’s healthy?

Marvin Lewis:“You account for Polamalu all the time, yes you do. You have to account for Troy. He ends up in the darndest spots. He knows the defense inside and out. He does a great job of studying the opponent. He knows your formation tendencies and personnel tendencies. He does a great job of getting himself in position to make plays. You have to account for him, and you have to understand that if this is something unfolding the way you ran it the last couple weeks, he’s probably going to beat you to that spot if you don’t get there in a hurry.”

Q: If you didn’t have to face him twice a year, how much would you enjoy seeing Roethlisberger do his thing?

Marvin Lewis: (Laughs) “That’s the best question today (laughs). He’s an incredible talent. I told our team today, he’s a dynamic quarterback. His ability to deliver the football, if it has to be timely, he’s timely with it. He’s accurate with it. If he’s got to avoid the rush and make a play, he does that. We’ve watched him do it on one leg. We’ve watched him do it beat up, with a bad hand. In many different ways he just continues to play. You rally around a guy like that, and he’s done a great job.”

Q: What kind of a back is Jonathan Dwyer?

 “The backs and their style are similar in that they’re guys that you have to get wrapped up and get cloth on. Both their stature, they’re sturdy guys, and you have to really do a good job of wrapping up on them. They’re good inside cut runners and have good vision. They’re going to gain the extra yardage after contact if you don’t get guys there and wrap up.”


Questions & Answers from Andy Dalton Press Conference …

Q: Did beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh do anything for your team’s confidence or mindset against them?

Andy Dalton: “Yeah. Anytime when you play the Steelers, it’s a big game. For us to go into Pittsburgh last year and win when there was a lot on the line, I think that was big for us as a team. Obviously it’s a new year, but we know the kind of games we play when we play the Steelers. They’re always tough games. They’re always close games. We know the importance of playing these guys and how good they are.”

Q: Has their defense changed in any way without James Harrison, Larry Foote on IR and no more Casey Hampton? 

Andy Dalton: “There’s not a whole lot of changes. They’re still doing a lot of the same stuff they did in previous years. It’s kind of how their defense has been. They just plug new guys in, guys that they expect to play well. Unfortunately they’ve had a couple of injuries and lost a couple of guys, but we’re still expecting the same kind of defense. They played well last week and we’re going to get their best effort this week.”

Q: Ike Taylor didn’t play in the second game, does he make that much of a difference? 

Andy Dalton: “Ike is a good player. He’s played well. He played well against us. So we expect him to follow A.J. around. It’s a good matchup out there. But we expect A.J. to win and we expect A.J. to make plays.”

Q: Has James Harrison given up any good Steelers secrets this week? How has he been in the locker room?

 Andy Dalton: “He’s been good. This is a big week for him. But we’re just trying to win the game.”

Q: He hasn’t told you anything? 

Andy Dalton: “Well, I haven’t gone up to him yet and talked to him about all that stuff. I’ve just focused on my study of their film. But I’m sure I’ll try to get some tips from him.”

Q: Is the Steelers defense kind of like ‘expect the unexpected’ because they throw so many different coverages at you? 

Andy Dalton: “Yeah, there’s different things that they do. From watching a lot of film, they’ve got different blitzes and different stuff that we’ve got to be prepared for. Just finding out which ones they’re going to be up for when we’re playing them. But you’ve got to prepare for everything.”


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