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Steeler Nation , It’s week one of the 2013 season .The Steelers first opponents are the Tennessee Titans . Lets go behind enemy lines and see just what the enemy is saying about the Steelers and this up coming game…   Proceed with caution!

Tennessee Titans quarterback Jack Locker is impressed by the Steelers defense and how well they communicate with in their system. Here are some quotes from Locker and head coach Mike Munchak from  on the subject.

Locker: “What stands out is how well they play together, their communication, without having to talk, their comfort with the guy next to them,” Locker said. “They understand and know the rules of their defense so well and you can see it when you watch film. They’re all on the same page always and they play as a unit really well.”


“They try and show you some different things before the snap and play with protections, so that’s something we’re going to have to be on top of as well,”


Titans head coach Mike Munchak had this to say about the Steelers defensive pre-snap activity…

Munchak: “You just have to have confidence in what you’re doing and feel comfortable that they’re going to do a lot of things, show one thing and do another, just like most teams do, but we’ll be fine,” Munchak said. “That’s not something that would concern us, but we’ve just got to believe in what we do and go out and do it.”


Mike Munchak also spoke about preparing for Troy Polamalu during his conference call to the Pittsburgh media .

Munchak : “You don’t know what he’s going to do. He’s a fun player to watch, and I like watching guys that love the game and a have a passion for it. He’s done that since the day he has come into the league. I enjoy guys like that. You hope he’s not too disruptive. You hope you can still have success out there against the defense. No matter what their record is, the defense is always one of the best in football and he’s a big part of that. I think guys like him are fun to watch and he’s a guy that brings a lot of energy to the defense. When things aren’t going well, he’s a guy that can all of the sudden turn the game because he’ll make a play – just special guys like him, and he’s one of them. ”


Tennessee running back Chris Johnson talked about what makes the Steelers defense so hard to run against in his conference call to the Pittsburgh media .

Johnson: They’ve still got a lot of veterans and are smart. Anytime you’ve got a lot of veterans, 10-plus years, nine-plus years, you’re going to go against a smart team. It’s not always about one team being better than the other team. If those guys are smart and know how to stay in their gap, that’s how they know how to make a lot of plays. They’ve also got some athletic guys that like to run around.



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