Dwyer Fumbled Away Opportunity With Steelers

DWYER FUMBLESteeler Nation, the Steelers have made their final cuts and are now down to their 53 man roster for the start of the 2013 season.  The biggest surprise of the cuts for many fans and reporters seems to be running back Jonathan Dwyer.  

The question I now ask is should we really be surprised?

Jonathan Dwyer did lead the Steelers in rushing for the 2012 season with  623 yards on 156 carries averaging 4 yards a carry and scoring two touchdowns.

However , It could easily be said that he under achieved most of the season and most of his career with the Steelers. Dwyer was the Steelers sixth round  pick in the 2010 draft . He came to his very first rookie training camp surprisingly out of shape but in the end made the team.

By the end of the 2011 season Mike Tomlin decided Dwyer needed a little fire lit underneath of him .

Head coach Mike Tomlin warned about conditioning at the end of 2011 season  by posting a picture of Dwyer in front of the entire team stating if he showed up at camp overweight he would be out of a job.

Did Dwyer take heed to the warning? Sort of , Dwyer did show up in better shape than his rookie season but still he was not in great shape. Dwyer’s biggest problem in his short Steeler career was conditioning. Too many times last season Dwyer seemed to need a break during games,often taking himself out for a breather.

So you think that Dwyer would have learned his lesson after being called out in front of his teammates at the end of 2011 ,right?  You think that he would come in to the 2013 season motivated to fight for his starting position after the Steelers chose running back Le’Veon Bell in the second round of the 2013 draft, right? Not exactly.

Dwyer according to many reports came into the 2013 OTA s out of shape and alarmingly overweight. His coaches reportedly were very upset to say the least. It is at this point that in my opinion Dwyer sealed his fate .

Jonathan Dwyer did show up to training camp in July much lighter with some reports saying he lost almost 30 pounds . Was it too little, too late? I believe so.

Mike Tomlin is not the type of coach that is going to fire up more than one warning shot. The speech at the end of the 2011 was Dwyer’s warning shot.

Dwyer continued to squander his opportunities and failed to secure a starting spot in 2012.  Tomlin and the Steelers had seen and had enough. Tomlin seemed reluctant to give Dwyer any praise during training camp or the pre-season.The Steelers were so ready to cut Dwyer loose that they made a trade for Felix Jones late in the pre-season.

Dwyer’s fumbles during the pre-season just made the Steelers’ decision that much easier.

Jonathan Dwyer’s biggest fumble may have been when he let opportunity slip right through his hands.


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