Steelers Linebackers Need To Be Special Thursday Night

MMcFaddenSteeler Nation , many decisions have to be made after Thursday’s final pre-season game. One area that the Steelers will be paying special attention to is the linebacker core. Its no big secret that the Steelers went into the pre-season searching for depth at linebacker.

After three pre-season games some candidates have emerged.Vince Williams and Marshall McFadden seem to be ahead of the pack as the back up inside linebackers with Brian RolleKion Wilson and Terence Garvin also in the mix of a very tight race.Lets not forget outside linebackers Chris Carter and Alan Baxter who are also fighting to make the team.

This last game may just tell the tale and by the sounds of Coach Mike Tomlin how well a player plays on special teams may be the deciding factor. Here is an excerpt from  Tomlin’s press conference on the subject…

Tomlin: “Excited about watching these young linebackers sort themselves out in one last opportunity. Really just made a point to them this morning, less about what they do on defense and more about what they do on special teams. I think we need more consistency and above the line effort from some of those guys in that regard, and I think the ones that distinguish themselves will be ones that show an aptitude for play making and understanding of football in that phase.”


So keep an eye out for some special plays from these players and remember Mike Tomlin is always saying “The more you can do.”  For these linebackers that may come down to who makes the most special team plays..




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