Jarvis Jones Looking Good as Advertized


As two weeks of the preseason are now gone, the Steelers have not shown too much promise in their play so far. Much of the blame can be pointed to the offensive line and to some big mental mistakes. However, first round pick Jarvis Jones has shown promise and has made several plays this preseason to back that up.

So far, Jarvis Jones has been everything the Steelers have been wanting from the Georgia All-American. On the second defensive drive, Jarvis was substituted in for starter Jason Worilds as the two are battling for the starting position. The first two plays were ran to Jones’ side. On the second run, Jones communicated with his defense and made the tackle. On the third play, LaMarr Woodley bull rushed and made a sack on quarterback Kirk Cousins. The defense was off the field in three plays.

One of Jones’ biggest question marks coming out of college was can he defend the run? In the two preseason games, I can truly say Jones has impressed me with how much he has progressed. The rookie linebacker understands that he still has a lot to learn. “Our defense is so complex,” said Jones. “I have the older guys helping me though.”

Coming from the SEC, we knew Jarvis Jones could make plays. He led the nation in three defensive categories (sacks, tackles for loss, and forced fumbles). On Monday night, Jones forced a fumble on a pitch play ran to his side and it resulted in a turnover as cornerback Ike Taylor scooped it up.

Jones received more playing time on Monday than Worilds. Although Jones has not recorded his first sack as of yet like Worilds, Jones has forced a fumble (Monday) and recovered one in the first game against the Giants. Lets not forget that after Worilds’ sack, he was flagged two times in a row.

With two preseason games remaining, it looks to me that Jarvis Jones is the real deal, but never speak too soon. Jones has found more time with the first team in the first two preseason games and has generated some great plays. If he continues, I do not see how the Steelers can start Jason Worilds over their first round rookie.

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