Exclusive Steelers N Stuff Interview: Will Johnson Part 1


If you know anything about Steelers’ full back Will Johnson, it may just be that he was discovered completely on accident by the Steelers in 2012. Or maybe that he went undrafted and was never placed on an NFL roster for an entire season after coming out of West Virginia University.

Steelers N Stuff had the honor of interviewing Will Johnson upon the approval of the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization, and we talked to Will about his journey and how he feels the Steelers will use him in 2013. The hard-working full back is exactly the type of players the Steelers are looking for.

Typically, players say there is a huge difference between their rookie season to their second season. Knowing what to expect is a big advantage according to Johnson.

“I would say confidence and knowing what to expect but at the same time, not becoming complacent or staying the same guy from last year,” said Johnson. “I’m always trying to improve and focus on working towards new goals.”

This season, it looks that the Steelers are trying to bring Johnson into some more passing situations. When Steelers n Stuff visited Latrobe last week, that report looked to be true. When we asked Johnson how he feels about catching more passes out of the back field, he was definitely looking forward to doing it.

“Yeah, that’s the definitely the goal for me,” Johnson said. “I believe that I have to earn the coaches trust and confidence first. If I can do that, I expect them to utilize me more in the offense.”

Will Johnson finished his college career playing in 45 games and recording 25 receptions for 249 yards and four touchdowns. After sitting out of the 2011 season, Johnson had to work while still trying to find a job somewhere in the National Football League.

He worked out at the 2012 West Virginia Pro Day and ended up being scouted by the Pittsburgh Steelers for how impressive he looked. Johnson was added to the offseason roster on March 21, 2012, and became the starting full back for the black and gold in his rookie season.

This is part one of the Will Johnson interview. Please stay tuned for part two when we ask Will about his past and the importance of run blocking.

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